Crater Lake National Park

Though our family has been to Crater Lake several times, each time, the park offers something different. Crater Lake was formed by the now-collapsed volcano, Mount Mazama. The small island in the middle, Wizard Island is a cinder cone that can be toured to via boat for a day hike (which we haven’t had the opportunity to do yet!). On our most recent trip, we drove around the road surrounding the lake’s rim, which offered many view points. Unbeknownst to many, there is another small island called Phantom Ship that is quite hard to photograph without a proper lens. We have only done one hike down to the water, which is absolutely worth doing because it offers access to the clearest, bluest water we have ever witnessed! Lastly, there are many hot springs and other hidden treasures near Crater Lake that are worth visiting like Umpqua Hotsprings and Painted Hills. We will have a separate post for those soon!