Mount Rainier National Park


Fall colors at Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainier was no where to be found

Mount Rainier was the first stop on our 7 months road trip. We were excited to start this adventure and everything would go smoothly as planned. On our first day at Mt. Rainier, she (“Mt. Rainier”) did not want to come out to say hi. We drove from one viewpoint to another in search for the best portrait of her and yet the clouds quickly covered her at every viewpoints we stopped. The park ranger said, “she has a mind of her own”. Luckily, the beautiful fall colors were there and we were able to see the fall season of Mt. Rainier, something we have never seen before. The colors were amazing and we couldn’t be happier to see them.


She came out

to say hi!!

That evening, it rained like cats and dogs, and setting up camp was tough because it was the first time we actually used the cricket and putting up the awning was not simple. Even though it rained and we weren’t able to get a fire started, we felt pretty warm and dry inside our Cricket camper trailer. Again, thanks Mother Nature for testing us.

The next day, as we were heading out of the park, we saw Mt. Rainier right above us. She came out and we said, “hello there!”. So, we took off on another short chase for the best portrait of her and made a fun game out of it with Harvey. During our chase, Harvey wondered why we were chasing a mountain, we responded with “because it’s fun”.

We will be back in the fall again to visit her because it’s a colorful time of the year to visit Mt. Rainier. I would highly suggest anyone coming to visit Seattle to put Mt. Rainier on their itinerary. It is a 3 hrs drive that is worth every minute! To see more photos, please go here.